Lloyd Boston
Lloyd Boston Television Host/Style Journalist/Author
Michael is a brand visionary that has been a pivotal business force for decades.  From his iconic New York restaurant influence to his entrepreneurial instinct companies rely on — Vann sees what’s next before most of us digest his current big idea.



Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey Media proprietor, Talk Show Host


Chef Marvin Woods’ dishes are  light, sophisticated and exotic.


Bennet Ackerman President, The Melting Pot
I have been in the restaurant business for over 25 years and an owner for 15.  One of the most impressive operators of any concept I have ever watched, met, and dined with over the years is Jeff Smith.  For me the dining experience is one big symphony and I have said many times to many people Jeff is the best Conductor there is.  He has all of the guest, employees, food and atmosphere all working together to provide the perfect experience for his staff and the guest. With so many moving parts just like all of the musicians and their instruments he keeps it all together while always smiling and ingratiating himself to his guest and employees.  Jeff truly gets the meaning of hospitality.


Janie L. Hendrix
Janie L. Hendrix President/CEO Experience Hendrix, LLC
Through artistry and vision Michael captures the meaning of home in a restaurant setting. Michael inspires the relationship in community with the table. He has the gift to share and experience life, love and friendship around cuisine. A true inspiration of soulful culinary expertise.


Steven Ray
Steven Ray Principal/Owner of Red River Pictures & Locksmith Entertainment LLC
To be truly effective in this world one must have peace within, a loving confidence balanced with compassion to be shared with others. This gives one the ability to motivate others to do the same. The greatest leaders and builders of change understand this and walk with this in their hearts. Michael Vann is a person who embodies this idea. He is a person of great integrity, compassion, vision and love, the quality’s of which are needed when creating a platform for a better society and world. A rare and greatly valued individual.


Lana Garland
Lana Garland Executive Producer, Insibah Films, Inc.
Doing business with Michael Vann is more like developing a trustworthy relationship than exchanging goods or services. He is a brand and business savant who is always there for you, even after the contract has been fulfilled. This is why I rely on his counsel for some of my toughest business decisions.


Greg Tate
Greg Tate Village Voice and VIBE Staff Writer; Author of Flyboy In The Buttermilk
Mike Vann is the kind of restauranteur who understands that creating an inviting and exciting dining environment requires more than just good food — especially if you want cutting edge  social and cultural  sparks to fly. Being a service industry leader, which Vann has been his entire career, also demands an acute  sense of the zeitgeist. There should also be a dash of daring, which Vann possesses in mega-doses: a desire to lead your patrons on adventures in dining, music and ambiance  that are generous, transformative and stimulating — sensually, spiritually, politically and intellectually. That’s who Mike Vann the total food experience entrepreneur is to me.


Ralph Dickerson, Jr. Executive Managing Partner, Highview Capital Partners, LLC
Michael’s character is rooted in the ambition of fulfilling a purpose-driven life in all that he does.”