Our Mission

The mission of UrbanAcres is to develop strategic, sustainable retail food service businesses in key urban centers across North America that strengthen local commerce and community. UrbanAcres envisions urban communities whose residents are moving from reckless consumption to informed investment in their own communities through gainful employment, community service and home ownership.


Our Integrated Business Model

UrbanAcres believes the general market conditions are primed for an independent food service company to exploit the current level of interest to re-invest and develop in plighted American urban centers through; 1) Community Brand Development, 2) Community Employment and 3) Community Business Ownership. Experience has shown us that these three elements are a winning formula for today’s most successful food services, community buy-in and commercial sustainability.

  • COMMUNITY BRAND DEVELOPMENT   Each urban center has a history, points of interest and a legend. UrbanAcres extracts that information and uses it to develop a marketing strategy and retail food service business that is strategically adapted to each community, its lifestyle and market demands.
  • COMMUNITY EMPLOYMENT   Where there is economic optimism there is community stability.  We understand the vital need for good jobs that provide a livable wage for members of the community. Our integrated business model insures that all non-management staff will be hired from the community, trained and empowered to grow within the operation.
  • BUSINESS OWNERSHIP   Employees will be able to acquire cooperative ownership within each satellite business operation after five years of continuous tenure. Each entity will have this structure and at the optimum time they will have the opportunity to roll their equity into the parent company.


With the first development slated to launch in Gary, Indiana in 2013, this business ownership model will be duplicated in other urban markets including Newark, Detroit and Chicago. Franchise opportunities will be created as investment opportunities and a public holding company will be created to offer direct investment opportunities for a broader group of individuals in each community selected.